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More Fused Glass Creations

Caroline with her owl

Look how please Caroline is with her owl.  She did a GREAT  job!  She came with some of her family and they all had fun creating with glass.  Several of them made night lights out of glass.  Does painting pottery sometimes intimidate you or seem a little overwhelming.  Well then, glass fusing is the perfect creative alternative for you.  Finished pieces are bright and colorful.  We show you simple technique to make the process very easy. Even though we are working with glass,  I promise we only use about 1 band-aid a month for very minor little cuts.  Ages 10 and up can do glass independently, younger ages require an adult helper.  Mention you read this blog and we will give you  free slumping (shaping the glass  into a plate or bowl) on one piece.  Can not be used with any  other discounts




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