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Fundraising and Community Service

Ceramic Cafe says “Yes!” to requests for donations, and we love to help with fundraising events for your Kansas City-area non-profit group. We believe in supporting the local community whenever possible, and have programs to support Kansas City Hospice House, and Believe Big


Let us know about your event and we will donate a “Painting Party for Four.” We provide a mug with a certificate that says “Bring this mug back with three of your friends and you can all paint a mug for free.” Use the donation as a silent auction item or give it away as a door prize. The value is  $100.  We say YES to requests for donations, but we do not respond to  letters requesting them.  Instead, requesting organizations just need to come to Ceramic Café and ask for our “Painting Party” donation and we will gladly give you one.

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We have GREAT ideas for school auction projects. Purchase a platter from our wide selection. You’ll get an automatic 10% discount on any pottery or glass purchase for a school or non profit auction project. Add students fingerprints and the teacher’s name. Paint on the design or your school logo.  We also have an option for you to pay a small fee to have a creative staff member paint the platter for you.  Add it to your auction and watch the bids go up!!

Kansas City Hospice House

Family members and friends of individuals staying at Kansas City Hospice House often spend hours sitting around with a cup of coffee in their hands. Coffee is served there in hand painted ceramic mugs. Frequently the visitors want to keep a mug that they have used. So Hospice House always needs more coffee mugs. You can paint a coffee mug for them to use for just $15. Volunteers pick up the mugs and deliver them to Hospice House.

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Believe Big is a national program to support cancer treatment patients. “Paint your own pottery’ studios all across the country are part of this program benefiting their local communities  “Believe Big is bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer. Believe Big provides patients with hope, help, and healing.” Their motto is Face it, Fight it, Overcome it.  Come paint a mug at Ceramic Cafe, add just one word “believe” on the mug and the mug will be given to a patient at a local cancer treatment center. The cost is $15 per mug..