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Glass Fusing

We offer glass fusing on a walk-in basis! Creating with glass is fun and easy. Assembling colorful pieces of glass with just a few simple techniques can produce a beautiful work of art that will amaze your friends and family.

Ages 10 and older can create glass on their own. Younger kids can create with glass if they have an adult helper.

How it works

1: Choose your glass base

Create on either a circle or square piece of glass. Sizes vary and come in clear, black or white glass

2: Learn to shape colored glass

Cut and nip colored pieces of glass to make your design. Cutting glass is easy and safe. We will give you all the instruction you need. We also have some precut glass elements to use in your design.

3: Create your design

Attach your colored pieces of glass to the base with a little glue. Decide if your finished piece will be flat or have a contour shape after firing.

4: Wait (this is the hard part)

We fire your glass creation in the kiln to melt, or fuse, the layers of glass together. Once fused, the glass can be fired a second time (slumped) to create a plate or bowl shape. Glass projects are ready for pick up in about a week


Glass projects are priced according to the size of the base and include use of all supplies needed to create a design. Please call the studio for more detailed pricing information.

We always encourage walk-in’s for glass fusing projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to walk you through the process and help you create a fabulous piece. We also offer the occasional glass fusing class! Taking a class is a great way to explore glass fusing with guaranteed success.  See the “Special Events” page for class information.