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We support the “Believe Big” cause at Ceramic Cafe

We are excited and honored to support Believe Big at Ceramic Cafe.   In the past, we have had customers come paint inspiration mugs for donation at our local Kansas City Hospice House.  We will continue to offer the Hospice mug painting opportunity, but are expanding it to also include painting mugs for Believe Big. Believe Big is a national program to support cancer treatment patients. “Paint your own pottery’ studios all across the country are part of this program benefiting their local communities  “Believe Big is bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer. Believe Big provides patients with hope, help, and healing.” Their motto is Face it, Fight it, Overcome it.  Come paint a mug at Ceramic Cafe, add just one word “believe” on the mug and the mug will be given to a patient at a local cancer treatment center. We are still working out all the details, but you can start painting mugs any time.  The cost is $15 per mug.. More information at http://believebig.org/who-we-are/




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