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Vintage Tree Painting Party

Hey hey everybody! It may officially be Summer, but now is the perfect time to paint your tree before that holiday stress sneaks up on you! Ceramic Cafe is hosting a tree-painting holiday party! This will be a private after-hours event. Get together with your friends to create your very own classic, ceramic light-up Christmas tree! Just like grandma used to have! Each tree comes with a light kit that includes wiring, the main bulb, and colored bulb inserts for all the little “string lights”! We will have different sized trees to choose from.

Admission to the painting party requires a $10 deposit. This fee is applied toward a tree of your choosing, reserves you space to paint, grants you after-hours entry, and includes refreshments! (You are also welcome to bring whatever refreshments you would like that we are unable to offer. I.e. wine)
*Note: The $25 deposit can ONLY be applied towards a tree of your choice. It does not apply towards any other pottery items.

We will have an abundance of trees available, however, sizes are first come, first serve. For a list of available trees and their discounted prices, check out the “discussion” in this event page.

Purchase your ticket online below!